Product Image Sizing

A Tutorial for AbleCommerce

By George Jaros

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What is AbleCommerce

AbleCommerce is a fully customizable real-time electronic commerce shopping system. It incorporates an online store building utility that simplifies multiple store management. All system-level and merchant-level administration runs entirely from a web browser.

With AbleCommerce, you can dynamically create and update your product inventory in real-time while using the built-in inactivate and preview features necessary for areas in construction. You have the ability to manage tens-of-thousands of products or just one. A relational (hierarchical) database allows inventory to be organized into unlimited levels of categories for easy page-by-page navigation.

AbleCommerce Product Images

With AbleCommerce, you have the ability to define up to two images for each product. You can either create two separate images for each product (productimg-small.jpg and productimg-std.jpg) and use the small one for the thumbnail and the large one for the standard image OR use one image and adjust the size of the thumbnail image so that is appears on the page smaller.

Also, one factor to look at when creating images is the file size. Make sure you read the page about file sizes. It may take a while to load all the images. Go to File Sizes



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