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Webmail User Instructions


Now that you have set up your new email account on our new mail server mail1.web2market.com, you can access your email from anywhere in the world. Here is how.

First bring up this URL in a browser:


The screen will look like this:

Fill in your user name which should contain the domain name too. (Example is rkort@web2market.com) Then fill in your NEW password and hit the LOGIN button.

Then the screen below will appear.

From the left nav under your account name, the Inbox, Filters, Quarantine, Spam and Trash folders can be accessed.

From top nav, Get New, New, Tools, Reply, Reply to All, Forward, Delete, Print and Search functions can be performed.

Most of this is self explanatory EXCEPT for the following: FILTERS - Inside this folder you will see a Blacklist (bad) and a Whitelist (good) folder.

This folder will give you control over maintaining your own personal spam filters. Whenever you send out an email, the email account is added to the "whitelist". See mine below.

If an email user is having a problem getting email to you, add their full email address to your whitelist. Note the Pages listing on the top nav to the far right (I am on page 1 / 4 in this screenshot above).

Conversely if you want to blacklist an email user then you can add them to your blacklist. See my blacklist below.

To add or delete an email from your whitelist or blacklist open up the Whitelist folder for example. Right click your mouse in the white space in the Whitelist folder and note that a new window appears.

Enter the email address in the email field and hit OK button. The email now appears in the list.

To delete an email from the list, just right click your mouse on the email name from the list. Then choose delete from the new window

Hit OK and the email will disappear from the list.

All incoming emails are reviewed, and any suspicious emails are put in either the Quarantine or Spam folder. If the email is found to be valid it gets delivered into your inbox. If the mail server thinks the message is either Spam (junk mail) or Quarantine (dangerous to your computer) the mail server will send the message directly to either of these two folders in your email account IN THIS INTERFACE. Once a new message goes into one of these two folders, an automatic Spam/Quarantine report is generated within 2 hours and sent to you via email. See example below.

You will have the option of taking care of the message right when this report comes to you. The actions you take from these Quarantine reports create your Whitelist and Blacklist automatically. SO IT IS IMPORTANT TO UTILIZE THIS AUTOMATIC QUARANTINE/SPAM EMAIL SYSTEM TO MAINTAIN A CLEAN LIST OF EMAIL SENDERS FOR YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT.

Most messages are listed twice (once for being spam and then once for being quarantine). It's important that you take action from these reports and not just ignore or delete them. Remember this controls YOUR email account regarding spam.

So let's say that someone sent you an email and you didn't get it into your Inbox. Check your Junk Email folder on your desktop in your Email Software first. If the message isn't there then you can log into your account using our mail server interface and check the spam and quarantine folders for the email. Since the Spam/Quarantine report gets generated every two hours as long as a new message comes into one of these folders, your missing in action email could very well be in one of these two folder (before the automatic report was generated and sent to your in box).

To access help, go on the top nav select and TOOLS and then HELP.

Here you will find more detailed instructions about the mail server interface.

We hope you find this interface helpful in getting you exactly the mail you want and deleting the mail you don't want. If you have any questions please let us know.
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