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Tax Service
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The W2M Tax Service provides a more flexible and cost effective alternative to the tax services provided with AbleCommerce.

How is works
We apply an updated checkout file is added to your site. When an order is placed, this code looks at the taxable address (billing or shipping, depending on the setting in AbleCommerce). If the zip code is taxable in your installation of AbleCommerce, a web service running on W2M’s tax gateway server is called, and the zip code is passed. Our service uses a national database that is constantly being updated with rates from 40,000 taxing bodies. The W2M tax service sends back the appropriate tax rate for that zip code. The store then uses that tax rate to calculate taxes. If the zip code is not taxable, the service is not invoked and the checkout processes normally. If the service is ever down, it uses the state tax rates in your store so taxes are always calculated.

The service is $50 a month for each block of 500 transactions. What makes the Web 2 Market service special, is that since the service is call ONLY WHEN A TAXABLE ZIP CODE IS USED, most orders will not use the service. This typically results in 90% less transactions than other gateway services, avoiding the typical 'overusage' fees other tax services charge.

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