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Product Template Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create a custom product template field in the product administration area. The example we'll be using is that of creating a field for the GTIN number. The GTIN number is used by Google to store UPC and ISBN numbers. So if you're using the Web 2 Market Site Map Submission Service, you'll want to use this tutorial to create the required field for ISBN numbers.

To create a new product template, (if you are not using any product templates then you'll have to create a new product template). From your admin top nav, select Catalog and then Product Template.  
On the right side of the page type in the template name as GTIN.  
Hit the add button. See the screen below that appears for your product template called GTIN.  
You will need to add the required field GTIN under the Merchant Fields section (not under Customer Fields). Once this new field is set up it will appear in the admin of your product pages allowing you to add the GTIN number for each product on the GTIN Product Template tab.

So to set up the GTIN field, on the GTIN Template, under the Merchant Field section click on the ADD FIELD button. The screen below will appear:  
For Input Type – set to "text box" For Name – enter in "GTIN" For Prompt – enter "Enter GTIN, UPC or ISBN number here" For Columns – set to "20" For Max Length – set to "20" Then hit the FINISH button. Screen below will appear.  
Once the template is created, you can attach all of your products to the MTIN product template by going to the Catalog top nav drop down, then choose Product Templates and finally hit EDIT the MTIN product template. At the top of the page see the Assigned Products link. You can click on the number of products and when the new screen appears, you can type a * in the Product Name field and all of your products will return in a list as shown below.  
To attach all of your products to MTIN product template, just click on the green + button one by one and you'll see them added to the left side of the page. When you've clicked them all over to the Assigned Column hit the "Finish" button.


You can also attach the product template from the product page. Open a product page, click on Product Templates from the left nav. Click on the "Change" link to open up the template choices as shown below:  
Then highlight the MTIN template, move it over to the Selected Templates column and hit OK. Then enter in the product's MTIN number as shown below and hit SAVE.  
To modify an existing product template – you will edit all of your existing product templates and add the new Merchant Field call MTIN. You can follow the steps above to modify each product template you use.

Once you have your MTIN product template either created or modified, you will have to make sure that each product has a product template attached. You will also need to be sure that each product has the MTIN field completed on the product template page attached to it.

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