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Facebook Connect Installation Instructions

  • Step 1.
    We recommend making backups of any files that will be changed in your store and backup your database.
    • Copy the files called AddW2MOptionsTable in the W2MFBConnect folder to the root of your AbleCommerce store. It's important that you do this step first, before adding any other files. Now, you should have two files called "AddW2MPluginOptionsTable" in the root of your store. Open a browser and navigate to http://www.yourstore.com/AddW2MPluginOptionsTable.aspx and click run to add the needed database tables. If you get a warning that the table already exists, that's OK, ignore this step.
    • Copy all the files from the W2MFBConnect folder to the corresponding folder in your AbleCommerce store. For example, copy the contents of W2MFBConnect /ConLib to the ConLib folder in your store. Files not in a folder would be placed in the root folder...etc.
  • Step 2.
    You'll have to make changes to the Layout/Scriptlet.master file in your store.

    Add this code:

    <%@ Register Assembly="W2MFBConnect" Namespace="W2MFBConnect.Web.Controls" TagPrefix="w2m" %>

    After this code:

    <%@ Register Src="~/Layouts/AdminPanel.ascx" TagName="AdminPanel" TagPrefix="uc" %>

    Add the highlighted code the the html tag.

    <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xmlns:fb="http://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml" xmlns:og="http://opengraphprotocol.org/schema/" >

    Add this code:

    <w2m:InitFBConnect ID="InitFBConnect1" runat="server" />

    After this code:

    <form id="form1" runat="server">

  • Step 3.
    You'll have to add code to the Admin/menu.sitemap file.
    You'll have to add this code below

    <siteMapNode title="W2M_Plugins" LookId="TopItemLook" roles="*"> <siteMapNode title="Facebook Connect" url="~/Admin/W2MPlugins/W2MFBConnect.aspx" roles="System,Admin,Jr. Admin" /> </siteMapNode>

    If the site map node W2MPlugins already exists. Just add section highlighted below.

    <siteMapNode title="W2M_Plugins" LookId="TopItemLook" roles="*"> <siteMapNode title="Facebook Connect" url="~/Admin/W2MPlugins/W2MFBConnect.aspx" roles="System,Admin,Jr. Admin" /> </siteMapNode>

  • Step 4.
    In the admin, navigate to W2MPlugins > Facebook Connect.
    You'll see some settings here. Contact Web2Market to get the settings you need for this page.

Scriptlet Samples

Below you can see how you would add these controls to a scriptlet and all of the parameters that can be set

Facebook Comments

[[ConLib:FacebookComments Xid="comment1" CssUrl="http://mydomain.com/mycss.css" IsReverse="true" IsSimple="true" PostsNum="5" Title="Facebook Comments" Url="http://www.web2market.com" Width="400"]]

A unique ID that should be set if there are more than one comment box on a website. If you're on a product page or category page, leave this blank and it will use the ID of the page. This way when it's shown on multiple pages, it will always have a unique ID. If you're adding the control to one page, like the homepage, you can choose to give it your own ID, otherwise it will use default ID.
Max number of posts. Default is 10.
Width in pixels. Default value is 550.
URL for the css styles.
When a comment is made, this is the title of the feed story. Default is the title of the page where the comment was made.
URL of the back link where the comment was made.
If this is set to true, a rounded box around each post does not appear. Default is false.
If true, comments are in reverse order. Default is false.

Facebook Bookmarks

[[ConLib:FacebookBookmarkButton OnAddedBookmark="BookmarkAdded" OffFacebook="true"]]

This should be set to true if used on external website. Default is false.
This is an event handler that will be called in the code behind after the bookmark is added.

Facebook Like Box

[[ConLib:FacebookLikeBox PageUrl="http://www.facebook.com/web2market" FansCount="5" ShowHeader="false" ShowStream="false" Width="500"]]

Required for use. This is the URL of your facebook page.
Width in pixels. Default value is 300.
How many fans to display. Default is 10.
This should be set to true if you want messages from the page wall to appear. Default is true.
Set to true if you want the page header to appear. Default is true.

Facebook Like Button

[[ConLib:FacebookLikeButton Url="http://www.web2market.com" Action="recommend" Font="tahoma" Layout="box_count" SetColorScheme="dark" ShowFaces="false" Width="550"]]

If empty, current page URL is used.
Values are 'standard', 'button_count', and 'box_count'. Default is 'standard'.
If set to true, will show profile pictures of user's freinds.Default value is true.
Width in pixels. Default value is 450.
Text that appears. Values are 'like' and 'recommend'. It will be translated depending on user's language.
Font used inside the button. Values are 'arial', 'lucida grande', 'segoe ui', 'tahoma', 'trebuchet ms', and 'verdana'.
Values are 'light' and 'dark'. Default value is 'light'.
Reference string for tracking referrals.
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