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C & K Systems

Counterpoint Point Of Sale

Web 2 Market has partnered with C & K Systems to provide integration between AbleCommerce and CounterPoint. C & K has developed the integration between the two systems, and Web 2 Market provides advanced AbleCommerce development. Now retailers can have the best of both world's!

About CounterPoint

One of the easiest ways to increase your profits is with Radiant's Counterpoint retail management system. C&K Systems, is an Elite Radiant Systems Business Partner and the largest East Coast CounterPoint provider with over 50 years experience, and with satisfied retail clients located across the country.

Truly knowledgeable retailers use their Point Of Sale (POS) system to better understand what is really happening in their business. C&K Systems specializes in retail automation and can help clients customize its uses to their unique needs.

Counterpoint SQL is easy to use, easy to learn, fast and accurate. Configure the system to look – and behave – the way you want. POS is designed to help you minimize training for new clerks, run up sales quickly and accurately, collect information you need to run a profitable business, and shorten customer lines. And it includes the reporting, security and auditing controls you need.

CounterPoint SQL provides all the features of a full-service retail system, including point-of-sale ticket entry, integrated credit card processing, customer tracking, inventory control, purchasing, system security, reporting, and more. To ensure fast and accurate transaction processing, CounterPoint SQL capabilities include keyboard, touchscreen, and barcode scanning. CounterPOint SQL is also OPOS-compliant to ensure compatibility with both new and existing point-of-sale peripheral hardware devices. It can be used with single store or multi-stores as well as single or multiple users. CounterPoint is the complete retail POS solution for your business.

Here are some of CounterPoint SQL's Features and the Benefits to your Retail Business:

  • Point of Sale
    Easy to use, easy to learn, fast and accurate. Configure the system to look – and behave – the way you want and the way it makes sense for your business operations. Point of Sale is designed to help you minimize training time for new clerks, ring sales quickly and accurately, collect important data you need to run a profitable business and shorten customer lines. It includes the reporting, security and audit controls you need.
  • Order Management
    Fulfills the needs of retailers who process orders from a website, mail order, or customer special orders. CounterPoint's Business Software capabilities include order entry, recording shipping information for shipping manifest integration, and order fulfillment of individual orders and batch order processing.
  • Built-in Gift Cards
    An easy-to-use feature that is part of the CounterPoint solution. Gift card programs generate consistent, more predictable revenue streams, in addition to meeting consumer expectations.
  • Inventory
    Inventory control is the heart of an effective inventory management system. Reporting capabilities help you know what is selling, what is not; automatically calculate and create restocking orders, increase your efficiency and discount as needed to move inventory out.
  • Customers
    You get to really know your customers. Customer reports can track purchase history, discounts and specials. It can help you know your customers and increase your sales and service levels by responding to customer wants. Powerful marketing tool can help generate repeat business, loyalty programs and specials with automated mailings.
  • Purchasing
    Collect information on your vendor and their products. Reports enable you to efficiently order, track and restock merchandise.
  • Sales History
    Money in the bank! Powerful, customizable reports allow you to analyze what is happening in your business. Make better decisions to increase sales, identify problems and reduce costs.

Visit C & K Systems: http://www.cksystem.com/

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