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Admin Instructions

Here are some instructions to help you navigate the new Email interface.

Log into the interface as admin user using the link below. User name is just rkort not rkort@web2market.com and password is the same password you use for email access and is your NEW password:


The page below should appear prompting you to login.
Home Page / Management

Once in you should see this page showing a list of the domain names OR if you have only one domain name then you should see a list of your email user accounts set up.

User Account

This is a list of email user accounts for the domain name web2market.biz. To see details of any account, just double click on the account name and a new screen should open. The screen below shows the user named Johnny.

Now lets take a look at the left nav items. They are Management, Spam Queues and Wizards. Since Wizards does not work you can ignore that one. Clicking on Management will take you to the "home" page where your email accounts and/or domains are listed.

Add A New Email Account/Email User (for the first 30 days, ask Ruthann to do this for you)

Lets say you wanted to add a new email account. In the blue bar at the top see the little man icon, that is the button to add a new user. See below where the cursor says user and the little man is highlighted in orange - click that button. The little man is in the upper left hand corner right above the left nav words IceWarp Merak Mail Server.

Once you click on the little man icon, a new screen will appear. See below.

If you have multiple domain names, then choose the correct one from the drop down. If you only have one domain name then it should default for you.

Next step is to enter in the email account name in the Alias field. So for an example let's set up Sally as a new account. See below and note lower case letters are being used:

Now if Sally receives both the sales and info email, then just add those other aliases onto the same line as Sally and separate them by a semi-colon (;). So here I've added sales and info see below. Remember to use lower case letters for all accounts.

Fill in the username field in lower case letters - sally. Fill in the name field (Full name if desired and the only place that you can use capital letters in the name) - Sally Smith

Password Selections - Password Rules

Now skip down to the COMMENT field. ENTER THE PASSWORD IN THIS FIELD AND THEN COPY AND PASTE IT INTO THE PASSWORD FIELD AND CONFIRM FIELDS. If you fail to copy and paste the password in the comment field you will have no way to see what the password for an account is. Please remember to put the password in the Comment field for your own use.

Must be at least 6 characters long
Must contain at least 1 letter
Must contain at least 1 number
Must contain at least 1 special character except the following characters:
comma, dash, pound sign, percent sign, colon, semi-colon, period, question mark, slash, back slash, quote or double quote. (ie: , - # % : ; . ? / \ ' " ) Password field is case sensitive, so use all lower case letters for the passwords. I recommend using ONLY the following special characters: ~, !, @, ^ or *

Then hit the OK button to save this user. Sally should now appear in your list of email accounts on the home page as shown below.

Setting Up Spam/Quarantine Report for an Email User

Your next step is to set up quarantine report access for Sally's email account. Double click on Sally from the Management page.

Click on the OPTIONS tab across the top nav.

Almost all settings will default for you EXCEPT who the Quarantine/Spam report for Sally's account should go to. Click on the MAILBOXES button and the following screen appears:

In the white space at the top of the page, type in the email address of who should get Sally's Quarantine/Spam report. In almost all cases, you should enter the email address of the account you are setting up. In this case it would be sally@web2market.biz as shown below.

Then hit the okay button and now Sally will get her own Quarantine/Spam reports. Then hit the OK button to close out of the Options tab.

You will then return to the Management/Home page. If you fail to enter an address in the Mailboxes tab under options for an email account, then that person will not receive their Quarantine/Spam reports and good, clean blacklists and whitelists will not be created for this email account. You should have at least one person get the Quarantine/Spam report for each email account.

As domain administrator, you can also receive the Quaratine/Spam Report for all email accounts in your domain if you choose. Just let Ruthann know and she can change this setting for you.

Quarantine/Spam Report

Below is a copy of what the Spam/Quarantine Report will look like that will arrive in your email box.

Each user should take action for each and every email listed on the report every day. This will ensure good black and white lists for that person's email account.

Other Settings You Should Know

On your Management/home page, notice at the top of the page, stating "Account #" and "Domain Admin account limit (Accounts #)". The first one Account # is the number of email accounts currently set up in your domain. The second setting Domain Admin account limit is the total number of email accounts currently allowed. In the example below, web2market.biz can only have 10 email accounts. This is the default setting for security and we have increased the number to 20. If you need to add more email accounts than 20, just contact Ruthann or the software will prevent you from adding the 21st email account.

We hope you find this new email software helpful in providing you with just the right amount of filtering for each one of your staff members.
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